PTI specialises in utility companies. For more than twenty years, practically all Dutch electricity, gas and water companies have been using our solutions. This long term cooperation has allowed good working relationships to develop and we really put great efforts in day in, day out.

We stand for pragmatism, transparency and integrity.

Structured or unstructured data? Basic or complex processes? No problem. We create understandable information. We can always find a suitable solution.

Our years of experience mean we can offer the best and most complete, operational solutions. This saves costs and where possible provides additional information. In short: we help to improve our customer's processes.

PTI has two ISO (International Standard Organisation) certificates: ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 27001 data and information security. PTI attaches great value to this and has held certification since 2004. PTI provides SaaS solutions that have to comply with the best security for customer data and in accordance with correct quality requirements which safeguards the operational reliability of the solutions.

PTI is a financially strong company. By being awarded the highest rating by the URA Rating Agency (URA), you can be sure of PTI's financial soundness and trust us as your partner.

ISO 9001

PTI holds ISO 9001 certification for quality management. This means that all employees work according to strictly defined working processes and these processes are well managed and regularly assessed.

ISO 27001

PTI is also ISO 27001 certified. The ISO 27001:2003 certificate proves that PTI has met the requirements concerning data and information security. Your information is in safe hands with PTI and is protected from any external attacks. The Dutch Data Protection Act that was revised in 2013, sets requirements that are partially covered by ISO 27001.