PTI specialises in utility companies. For more than twenty years, practically all Dutch electricity, gas and water companies have been using our solutions. This long term cooperation has allowed good working relationships to develop and we really put great efforts in day in, day out.

We stand for pragmatism, transparency and integrity.

Structured or unstructured data? Basic or complex processes? No problem. We create understandable information. We can always find a suitable solution.

Our years of experience mean we can offer the best and most complete, operational solutions. This saves costs and where possible provides additional information. In short: we help to improve our customer's processes.

PTI works with TMI in India. There are ten staff members at MMP who work for PTI. What is special about this cooperative venture is that the employees from India often come to the Netherlands. In this way, they not only learn Dutch, but the habits and standards, and in this way mutual links are also strengthened. This also helps to keep people involved and fully informed about the developments within the area of ICT.

PTI is actively involved with Dunea in water supply projects abroad. For example, we are involved with providing 20,000 households with water in Tarakan in Indonesia. PTI has developed a unique and cost efficient total concept for collecting meter readings, replacing meters, customer management and invoicing. In these projects Dunea contributes their expertise in processes and infrastructure for providing water. PTI facilitates the processes with their SaaS solutions to ensure the administration and meter readings run smoothly. Along with the local partner, the water company is helped on its way and the organisation is set up so that with the right equipment, for example computers, internet connections and hand held terminals, it is possible to meet the targets to really improve the quality of the water and the associated processes.