PTI solutions are highly standardised, based on practical experience. If we can choose a standard solution, we go with this option as this has been proven in practice. If a customised solution is needed, we can react rapidly and appropriately to your wishes and requirements. Together we can find the best solution. We do this by listening and drawing up a list of requirements. PTI strives to achieve a good, transparent cooperative relationship. PTI solutions offer structure and ensure that your business processes run faster and more efficiently. We can offer you a suitable solution for your whole process and we are always able to access the process at any time.

PTI is THE specialist in the energy and water utilities sector. Practically all Dutch utility companies, including electricity, gas and water authorities, use our fully integrated SaaS (Software as a Service) total solution that we have developed in-house. Our solutions take care of everything in one go: changing meters, validating meter readings and planning on-site work. Over the... Read more
Maintenance, repairs and the complete installation of new equipment can be easily achieved using PTI solutions. The total solutions offered by PTI manage all aspects and departments and ensure all parties are informed in plenty of time. From managing the on-site work carried out by your engineer to keeping the consumer fully informed at all times. PTI solutions for installation an... Read more
PTI has developed a variety of solutions that assists payment traffic in the financial world. Our PTI Messenger allows customers to be automatically informed about their payment options using emails, text messages or voice messages. The PTI solution for automatic payments and transfers also makes use of multi-channel communications. PTI Solutions for Finances and Management PTI o... Read more
PTI has developed mobile applications and internet applications for a variety of customers. All these solutions have been developed to customer specifications and designed to match the in-house style of the company concerned. Customers who make use of these services will be cosseted in your organisation, whilst all the background processing will be facilitated by us. PTI Solution ... Read more
PTI has developed a total solution for market and customer satisfaction surveys in which a variety of multi-channel communication platforms can be used at the same time. This solution offers all companies a simple way of carrying out well balanced research. Depending on the nature of the research, PTI will make use of Voice Response System [VRS] as well as online and offline respo... Read more