Maintenance, repairs and the complete installation of new equipment can be easily achieved using PTI solutions. The total solutions offered by PTI manage all aspects and departments and ensure all parties are informed in plenty of time. From managing the on-site work carried out by your engineer to keeping the consumer fully informed at all times.

PTI solutions for installation and infrastructure technology

With its many years of experience, PTI has developed the best and most comprehensive operational solutions that manage maintenance, repairs and installation of new infrastructure. This offers control over all stages of the process. We can take care of the whole process, from communicating with consumers to planning. We can also be involved with aspects of your process.

Mobile applications

In order to support our solutions PTI offers mobile applications that can operate on all professional terminals (on phones and tablets). By doing this we can provide your on-site engineer with a user-friendly and easy to read system that works quickly and efficiently. The easy-to-use planning system allows you to get your on-site engineers on location to carry out their work.

Pragmatic approach

The solutions offered by PTI, based on twenty years of experience, are highly standardised but we are always keen to be guided by the needs and desires of our customers. If we can choose a standard solution, we go with this option as this has been proven in practice. If a customised solution is needed, we can react rapidly and appropriately to your questions. When implementing solutions, PTI always leaves room for pragmatic solutions. This pragmatic approach is in our DNA.


Listed below are a few examples of the solutions PTI has deployed in the installation and infrastructure technology sectors:

  • Maintenance.
  • Repairs.
  • Installing completely new equipment.


Solutions for your sector include:

PTI solutions