PTI has developed mobile applications and internet applications for a variety of customers. All these solutions have been developed to customer specifications and designed to match the in-house style of the company concerned. Customers who make use of these services will be cosseted in your organisation, whilst all the background processing will be facilitated by us.

PTI Solution for Mobile and Online

The mobile and online solutions of PTI allow your customers to pass on details, request information or re-schedule appointments. All this happens in your own trusted environment with your recognisable company in-house style.

Internet application

Internet applications provided by PTI are fully integrated into your existing web environment. PTI builds a module for you that can be easily integrated so your customer does not have to leave your website. In this way you have no worries and your customer stays in a trusted environment. All information is linked into one database and the internet applications can always be accessed.

Mobile application

The mobile applications of PTI provides your service with extra reach. For example, your on-site engineers can make use of a handy user friendly application, which allows them to view planning and work in an easy-to-read way.

In addition PTI offers a mobile application that allows your customers to view and compare consumption details, irrespective of who their supplier is.

Listed below are a few examples of the solutions PTI has deployed in the mobile and online sectors:

  • Replacement or repair work
  • Re-arranging appointments
  • Passing on details
  • Comparing consumption figures


Solutions for your sector include:

PTI solutions