PTI is THE specialist in the energy and water utilities sector. Practically all Dutch utility companies, including electricity, gas and water authorities, use our fully integrated SaaS (Software as a Service) total solution that we have developed in-house.

Our solutions take care of everything in one go: changing meters, validating meter readings and planning on-site work. Over the last twenty years we have gained a great deal of practical experience and knowledge which means we have the best and most complete operational solutions in-house.

PTI solutions for energy and water companies

PTI offers solutions for collecting, processing and storing information from a variety of data streams. As the only company on the market, PTI controls all process stages in-house, from IT to fulfilment and from planning to communication with the customer. We can even help with implementation. This makes us practically independent from other parties and gives us ultimate control over the quality of our solutions. As a trusted service provider we are thus in a position to offer our customers maximum support.

Cost efficient

PTI offers solutions that save costs and, where possible, also provides extra information which enables the customer to improve their processes. The streamlining of communication and close contact with the consumer means that the chances of an engineer finding the homeowner out of the house is greatly reduced. This dramatically reduces the costs of the process and any unnecessary expenses. In addition PTI collects any details that are missing regarding the homeowner and the connection. This information can be used to improve future contact with the customer as well as results in cost savings. All these aspects add up to ensure that your company can strengthen its position as an affordable service provider.


Public orientated service provider

PTI works at simplifying and improving the processes and minimising costs of failure. This is achieved by making sure households are fully aware of any work that our clients will be carrying out. From practical experience it is clear that our efficient lines of communication mean that consumers know exactly what is going to happen.

In order to achieve this, PTI uses all possible lines of communication. Experience has taught us that the recipient of the information is offered certainty by providing "to-the-point" information. Our processes promote appreciation of the service provided and avoid mistakes being made or appointments not going to plan. This means complaints are very rare and our clients are seen as being transparent and public focused service providers.

Pragmatic approach

The solutions offered by PTI, based on twenty years of experience, are highly standardised but we are always keen to be guided by the needs and desires of our customers. If we can choose a standard solution, we go with this option as this has been proven in practice. If a customised solution is needed, we can react rapidly and appropriately to your questions. When implementing solutions, PTI always leaves room for pragmatic solutions. This pragmatic approach is in our DNA.

Listed below are a few examples of the solutions PTI has deployed in the energy and water sectors:

  • Meter recordings.
  • Meter exchanges.
  • Full service:
    • Promoting.
    • Validating.
    • Collecting.


Solutions for your sector include:

PTI solutions