PTI has developed a variety of solutions that assists payment traffic in the financial world. Our PTI Messenger allows customers to be automatically informed about their payment options using emails, text messages or voice messages. The PTI solution for automatic payments and transfers also makes use of multi-channel communications.

PTI Solutions for Finances and Management

PTI offers financial institutions who receive payments from their customers a suitable solution to promote positive payment behaviour using PTI Messenger. Customers are informed about their payment options using emails, text messages or voice messages. Using PTI Messenger, larger groups of recipients are reached at one time. This is more cost efficient and response rates are raised.

Automatic payments and transfers

For automatic payments and transfers, PTI has developed a solution whereby a variety of multi-channel communications platforms are used. Data from physical document streams is immediately processed. In this way PTI can send the physical documents and process all information. PTI also stores in a digital archive all the information received via voice response, email and hard copies sent in the post. This information remains available for a minimum of seven years and can be consulted online by the customer by using a secure access code.

Activating credit cards

PTI has developed a solution that allows credit cards to be activated from home at any time of the day. This is done by phoning a special number and then going through a few simple steps. The customer is then immediately able to request the card limits, raise or lower the limits and make a payment to a bank account. The PTI solution also facilitates loan applications in a simple and quick way. The status of the application is easy to follow.

Listed below are a few examples of the solutions PTI has deployed in the finance and management sectors:

  • Automatic payments and transfers.
  • Credit cards.
  • Payment arrangements.
  • Collection.


Solutions for your sector include:

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