PTI supplies successful total solutions in the area of ICT. They offer streamlined processes that guarantee quality and retain control. The entire process, from IT to fulfilment, from planning to communication with the customer. PTI can provide complex processes in a simple way. With our solutions all your data is collected, processed, analysed and where required presented in a pleasing and transparent way. Our knowledge and valuable data allow us to proactively inform you about the best procedures that can always be applied directly.

Get to know the PTI Work Order Manager (WOM): a planning system we developed ourselves. Our WOM application is the total solution for flexible and efficient preparation and implementation of on-site work. The planning system facilitates a streamlined process in which integrated communication processes with your customers... Read more
The PTI Call Tool (texts and calls) is a unique solution that allows you to make use of the telephone from any location at any time, to stimulate a response. The Call Tool allows personal contact with customers to be made over the phone in a professional, simple and efficient way. The web tool provides the total picture... Read more
For many years now PTI has been providing a variety of print work services to the companies we regularly work with. Paper documents as a part of your [conventional] communication processes. PTI ensures your print work is ready quickly and is properly prepared. We are pleased to offer advise on what medium to use and details... Read more
The PTI Voice Response System (VRS) is a fully automated telephone system that allows you to re-arrange appointments, process meter readings, activate credit cards and can be set up as a complaints line. The system can be used 24/7 and can easily be linked into your own customer service department. The Voice Response System... Read more
Collecting and processing data, details, payments and information is PTI's strength. Credit management, meter readings, automatic direct debits, telephone numbers, email addresses and customer details are all collected. PTI solutions have used multi-media (multi channel) platforms since 1995. PTI makes use of effective... Read more
The PTI Validation tool is able to validate the collected details quickly and simply (checking plausibility). By integrating techniques we have developed ourselves, it is easy to check the collected details on a variety of aspects. In the case of anything unusual, the assessor can quickly decide whether to accept the discrepancy... Read more
The Dutch Minister for Economic Affairs has decided that all households should have a smart meter by 2020. Changing the old meters for the new smart meters that the law stipulates will cost the energy companies a lot of time and money. In order to read the new smart meters new techniques have been developed. PTI has achieved... Read more
PTI is your multi-channel communication partner. PTI solutions have used multi-media (multi channel) platforms since 1995. PTI makes use of effective traditional and digital communication channels in order to get the best results for you. By using a multi-channel approach in the right way, costs are saved and customers... Read more
PTI develops mobile applications. The mobile applications are customised designed solutions but are also developed to support other PTI solutions. Work implementation application This mobile application was developed to support the PTI planning system. This application offers your on-site operative an easy to view, user... Read more
Construction companies, housing associations, retail organisations, holiday parks and local councils manage large portfolios of individual properties and sites. Our Multisite is ideal for collecting information from these properties. Individual customers can enter their details in the same environment, after which the details... Read more