Texting and calling

The PTI Call Tool (texts and calls) is a unique solution that allows you to make use of the telephone from any location at any time, to stimulate a response.

The Call Tool allows personal contact with customers to be made over the phone in a professional, simple and efficient way. The web tool provides the total picture and at a glance you can see the non-response rate for each campaign group. These people can be called back in a variety of ways, ensuring maximum response to your campaign.

The web tool also offers all sorts of additional possibilities that improve administrative communication processes.

For this purpose PTI has its own platform with connections to all available communication options such as the internet, telephone, texts as well as print and mail. The PTI Call Tool can be a part of a total solution that consists of various PTI web tools, such as the planning system and the multisite.

The advantages of the PTI Call Tool

  • Large files processed in one go.
  • Personal contact with the customer.
  • Professional handling.
  • Additional follow-up communication processes available.


What possibilities could the PTI Call Tool offer your organisation? For more information call us on 0348466888, send an email to helpdesk@pti.nl or ask for an immediate quote using the "request quote" button.