Collecting and processing data, details, payments and information is PTI's strength. Credit management, meter readings, automatic direct debits, telephone numbers, email addresses and customer details are all collected.

PTI solutions have used multi-media (multi channel) platforms since 1995. PTI makes use of effective traditional and digital communication channels in order to get the best results for you. We can process large quantities of data for you in a simple, structured and customer friendly way.

In this way you succeed and collect data in the best possible way with seamless, intelligent, focused processes and fully integrated channels

Tried and tested tools include PTI Messenger (for sending fully automatic, smart texts and voice messages), PTI Call Tool (for encouraging people to send in their meter readings and make payments). Smart communication processes, in PTI jargon “route planners”, are based on common sense and expressions that have been tested by behavioural scientists. By using our SaaS applications and web tools you, as the user, are in control and fully informed; making a change is simple. With PTI and by using the cloud you are immediately omni-channel and you are able to service your customers through a variety of channels. With us, you are immediately one step ahead with technological developments.

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