PTI develops mobile applications. The mobile applications are customised designed solutions but are also developed to support other PTI solutions.

Work implementation application

This mobile application was developed to support the PTI planning system. This application offers your on-site operative an easy to view, user friendly and legible application that allows them to carry out their work quickly, efficiently and correctly.

The application is available for a number of operating systems and works on mobile phones and tablets as well as on work stations.

Usage application

All consumers can keep track of their (energy) consumption using this mobile application. This application is not linked to just one energy supplier but is an independent consumption tool. This is a unique application that makes it possible to view usage and rates for comparable households and other competing suppliers. This application gives the consumer control.

The advantages of PTI mobile applications:

  • Custom designed.
  • Links to databases or other systems.
  • Checks details.
  • Simple, clear and fast.


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