Multi Channel

PTI is your multi-channel communication partner. PTI solutions have used multi-media (multi channel) platforms since 1995. PTI makes use of effective traditional and digital communication channels in order to get the best results for you. By using a multi-channel approach in the right way, costs are saved and customers keep coming back. A multi-channel approach is a unique way of reaching your customers in a variety of ways.

With PTI Multi Channel, you combine a variety of communication platforms: traditional and modern. It is simple to integrate into your systems. Large quantities of data can be enriched. PTI process these details for you in a simple, structured and customer friendly way.

The most commonly used [traditional] channels are paper, telephony, email and the internet. In addition there are the more [modern] channels such as mass media, social media and mobile applications.

The advantages of the PTI internet application

  • Integrated into your own web environment.
  • Trusted by customers.
  • Can be linked in with other PTI solutions.


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