The Dutch Minister for Economic Affairs has decided that all households should have a smart meter by 2020. Changing the old meters for the new smart meters that the law stipulates will cost the energy companies a lot of time and money.

In order to read the new smart meters new techniques have been developed. PTI has achieved high take-up scores by linking the P4 portal and fully optimising the interfaces. Our solutions for reading the smart meters means that complicated processes and data enrichment using EDSN is not a problem. In addition, our solution can take daily readings, month-recoveries and interval readings.

Consumption and indicative cost summary

Energy suppliers are obliged to provide customers who have smart meters with a consumption and indicative cost summary once every two months. The Consumer and Market Authority checks this process.

The EU has set up a website specially for consumers who have smart meters:

PTI can arrange this whole process. We do this by taking readings – on the basis of the stated rates – and then sending a consumption summary to the energy user. We can send a consumption summary in a number of different ways:

  • in an email with the consumption summary attached as a PDF file;
  • in an email with a link to a digital archive;
  • by printing the consumption summary and sending it by post;
  • in a text message stating that the consumption summary is available.


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